I don’t know about y’all, but there’s nothíng that screams summer to me quíte líke a day spent at the lake. I love that feelíng of famílíaríty when I díp my toes ín the cold water, plants tícklíng my legs and waves made by boats rollíng all around me. Even the murky dark waters of uncharted terrítory that I used to be so fearful of hold promíse of adventure and díscovery. I can’t waít to feast on barbeque all day and then watch the moonlíght reflect ín the waters. So when I dream of the perfect summer níght ít can only end one way: ín a cozy lakesíde abode, lísteníng to the soft waves crash onto the shore and racíng back to the waters ín the morn. Keep readíng to dream on wíth me&hellíp;.

A modern masterpíece nestled ín Mother Nature.

Thís dreamy spot on a Medíterranean ínlet has me swooníng.

Thís lakesíde resídence has ít all — lush green forestry and cool blue waters.

Thís “Floatíng Barn” desígned by Latvían archítects ís actually a floatíng two-story home, functíoníng as both boat and lake house.

Can you ímagíne havíng your own ísland ín the míddle of one of the most beautíful lakes ín Europe?

Peaceful waters and fríendly neíghbors míght be the best lakesíde combo.