Billy Standley was an Ohio man that loved his 1967 Harley Davidson Electra Glide cruiser. His life revolved around his love for his chopper, so the 82 year-old wanted to make sure his death did, too. He had a plan… and it was just a little bit weird.

Okay, really weird.

Bill and his sons planned what would happen at his funeral for months.

The Ohio man was dying of cancer, so he thought out what he wanted his funeral to be like.

He decided to be buried astride his beloved motorcycle in a see-through casket.

At the funeral, Bill went for one last ride.

He made the funeral preparations himself, buying 3 large plots next to his wife so his unique casket would fit.

His sons Pete and Roy built the speciality casket out of Plexiglas and reinfornced the bottom with wood and metal. When preparing Bill’s body, embalmers gave him a metal back brace and strapped him to his hog.

Bill was proud of how he was going to go out. Five years before his death, he had the casket waiting in his garage. His family knew that the procession to the cemetery after the funeral, with Bill’s body on display, may be shocking to some but they wanted to honor his final wishes.

Bill Standley wasn’t a normal guy, even his daughter described him as a quirky man. He used to work as a bareback rodeo rider, and was even escorted to the ceremony by a procession of bikers.

Sometimes, it’s good to celebrate life at a funeral… and not mourn the loss of it.

Share Bill’s final ride with others. He wanted people to see his last journey.