The images below could be disturbing to some but they are not graphic.

What you see are photographs taken by an amateur photographer. When he was testing out the settings on his camera, he unknowingly captured the image of a couple committing suicide together. Their very last moments alive were caught on film:

This is the first image that the photographer accidentally captured; the moment the young couple decided to take their lives.

As the man plummeted towards the river, no one noticed.

As he fell, soon people realized that there was a couple taking their own lives… right beside them.

He was on the Wuhan Yangtze River in Wuhan, at Hubei province in central China. No one realized the man had jumped off of the bridge until it was too late. The woman soon followed him, although no one could stop her.

According to the photographer, “I heard him hit the water below and then seconds later a woman climbed onto the bridge and jumped as well.

“I was totally paralyzed and there was no way I could get anywhere near her.

“I still had my hand on the camera and I tensed and shot off another few frames entirely by accident, but ended up photographing the woman as well.”

The man left behind several possessions on the bridge, including an ID. His name was Liu Han, a 20 year-old migrant worker from Huangpo district’s Caidian town. It was believed that the girl was his lover. No one knows why they made a pact to throw themselves to their deaths.