This dog’s disgusting owner did something so cruel to him, it could bring anyone to tears. Not only was this pit bull left for dead, but he was shot before he was dumped in the mountains.  The bullets didn’t even kill him. He was left to suffer and THEN die.

Luckily, a mother was going on a hike and found the poor thing.

This pit bull endured torture and was left for dead high in the Arizona mountains. He would have perished if it weren’t for one heroic mother.

Andi Davis went on a hike and stumbled across the dog. He had been shot and left for dead. She was nervous to approach him, but he lifted his head when she reached for her water. Then, all of her fear drained away.

She let him drink and discovered he had been shot. He was torn up and completely weak. So, she did what she had to do and picked up the 47-pound dog and began carrying him.

She carried him all of the way down the mountain and back to her family, taking over an hour. Then, they rushed him to the vet to stabilize him.

Now, he is adjusting to life with the Davis family. Feeling loved and not abandoned is new for this little guy. They named him Elijah and he has been happier than ever.