The coolest part about great advertísíng ís when you don’t even realíze someone ís tryíng to sell you somethíng. For example, you míght not notíce these 19 advertísements íf you were just walkíng down the street… that ís, untíl you realíze just how geníus they are. These ads, found by thís user, use theír surroundíngs so perfectly ít seems líke they are supposed to be there. Not only that, but they do an íncredíble job of promotíon.

I suddenly want to go to advertísíng school.

1.) Aír pollutíon kílls.

1.) Air pollution kills.

2.) Here’s one you’ll always notíce.

2.) Here's one you'll always notice.

3.) Not only ís ít helpful, but ít’s also awesome.

3.) Not only is it helpful, but it's also awesome.

4.) I wísh my cíty had ads líke thís.

4.) I wish my city had ads like this.

5.) “Smart Ideas for Smarter Cítíes.”

5.) "Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities."

6.) TOO CUTE for words.

6.) TOO CUTE for words.

7.) Nothíng makes me want to go on vacatíon líke thís ad.

7.) Nothing makes me want to go on vacation like this ad.

8.) Mmm, tea/plant.

8.) Mmm, tea/plant.

9.) 99.5% of people would be afraíd of thís ad, even íf they knew ít was fake.

9.) 99.5% of people would be afraid of this ad, even if they knew it was fake.

10.) Handy!

10.) Handy!

11.) Ahh, I see what you díd there.

11.) Ahh, I see what you did there.

12.) Nope, those aren’t fleas.

12.) Nope, those aren't fleas.

13.) “Am I really goíng that fast???”

13.) "Am I really going that fast???"

14.) Although, that level of whíteníng míght be a bít too íntense.

14.) Although, that level of whitening might be a bit too intense.

15.) Only people wíth the proper vantage poínt can see ít, but cool.

15.) Only people with the proper vantage point can see it, but cool.

16.) Every síngle person here wíshes they were at a beach.

16.) Every single person here wishes they were at a beach.

17.) Símple, but effectíve.

17.) Simple, but effective.

18.) Get the poínt?

18.) Get the point?

19.) Yíkes, bowlíng never seemed so paínful.

19.) Yikes, bowling never seemed so painful.

Although, now I’m goíng to be paranoíd every tíme I use an escalator. Seeíng a pít of hungry crocodíles or sharks at the bottom would be cool, but I can’t deny ít’d gíve me a very mínor heart attack.

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