I think that really clever and honest advertising is in a form of art. Really, not just anyone can think of a brilliant way to promote their producta while still entertaining their consumer. That requires real talent. The 25 advertisements below are examples of how awesome advertisers can be when they put their minds to it to get our attention.

1.) Hoover makes us think about suction.

2.) Nike makes a stress on dedication and training.

3.) Penline Stationary shows the strenght of its tape.

4.) Are you convinced to go to the Calgary Film Festival now?

5.) An inspiration to find an appropriate job for you.

6.) These are pests…or?!

7.) Can you believe how natural these shades of paint can look?

8.) You really need to stop smoking.

9.) MMMM, love that Nestle treats!

10.) Even other billboards want Mars.

11.) The Sopranos will keep you on the edge of your seat.

12.) Vazir Breveries shows us a compelling argument to not drink and drive.

13.) The Police show you the ugly truth. Think. And slow down.

14.) UNICEF raises awareness for water conservation and cleanliness concerns in a unique way.

15.) An interesting bus stop.

16.) Toys Direct reminds adults where to go shopping.

17.) I only it was real chocolate…

18.) Such a heavy message for the Global Coalition for Peace.

19.) Pepperidge Farms came up with an idea how to show you how soft their bread is.

20.) Science World gives passers by a quick lesson about beavers.

21.) Mr. Clean makes a pretty example.

22.) This hair removal product is really creepy.

23.) We get the microscopic point, Orion Telescopes.

24.) Don’t like cellulite? Nivea has a great solution for you.

25.) Be careful when using WMF knives.

Did you consider going out to buy enough Kit Kat bars to build your own chocolate bench? Because I did. Advertisements are an amazing medium for people to show their creativity. These 25 ads should be awarded somehow.

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