More than 350 starving, neglected and abused dogs were rescued from one of the biggest dog fighting ring raids in history. The horrifying abuse spanned across Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. You could tell that unspeakable things were done to these dogs just by looking at them.

One of the youngest dogs rescued, an 8 week-old, was treated so poorly he has become the poster puppy for abused animals with the ASPCA. Just looking at Timmy Cooper’s face in these photos will break you heart, but his story has a much happier ending than you could imagine.

The Humane Society of the United States and The ASPCA worked with the government to complete the huge raid.

Timmy was just one of the hundreds of dogs that were saved from a terrible fate. The life he endured was cruel.

How could anyone be so cruel to innocent animals?

Multiple people were responsible for the mistreatment of these animals.

This was the ad that featured Timmy on the day he was rescued.

This pup needed out.

And he couldn’t be happier to be rescued from his prison.

Ten suspects were arrested and indicted on felony dogfighting charges.

Bodies of dead animals were found all over these properties.

Luckily, Timmy escaped that fate.

He was then moved to the Humane Society of Calvert County in Maryland, which took care of him on behalf of the ASPCA.


He couldn’t be happier!

Timmy learned to trust humans, was great with kids and was ready for his forever home.

Unfortunately, court proceedings dragged out the process of getting TImmy officially adopted.

It’s been a long journey for this pup and the other rescued dogs, but now they are getting the happiness they truly deserve.

Nine months after the dogs were rescued, 10 of 14 defendants have pleaded guilty. Most of the dogs are either adopted or are in the process of finding good homes.

Things could have been so much worse for all of these animals. Share Timmy’s story with others. If you want to help other dogs in terrible situations, donate to the Humane Society or ASPCA.