A hilarious recent internet fad is to recreate your childhood photos, and no one has managed to quite do it like the Luxton brothers here.

Joe Luxton had the fantastic idea of teaming up with his brother to recreate as many of their childhood photos as they could find, then assemble them all into one hilarious calendar to give to their mother for Christmas. The pictures range from simply adorable to maybe somewhat disturbing…yeah, I’m talking about that bath picture.

I’m sure their mother loved this just as much as we did.

A tender moment becomes an equally tender moment, just now with more facial hair.

It’s the little things that count, like managing to hunt down that same Red Nose Day t-shirt.

Holding on for dear life.

Really working that ribbon.

Joining Uncle Dave’s biker gang…it’s a life time membership.

Well, guess it saves on bath water.

Their dad aged well. Must be immortal.

Their dog Talulah got to join in on the fun too.

Really managed to capture that “longing for cake” face well.

Can’t wait to see them recreate these again in another 20 years or so.